Salary Guides

These figures can be used when reviewing your company's salary levels.

The AP Group salary guides provide information on salaries across different jurisdictions and sectors. 

You can purchase the full salary guides or mix and match sectors from different guides relevant to your industry.

Set your salaries against market rates

AP Group’s salary reports provide information and guidance for sectors covered by AP Executive, AP Personnel and AP Technical. The employment market is competitive, particularly in finance and IT, and you need to be sure that you benchmark your salary packages against your competitors’ to be an attractive prospect for top talent.

Our guides draw on extensive research of local markets and are updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance. Where there are jobs that are not covered in our standard salary guides we will offer general information or for a bespoke guide production, please enquire.

All guides list a range of positions with a low, average and high salary indication for each specialist area, and provide an indication of yearly salary fluctuation.