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What Jobseekers look for in a new Employer

  • Publish Date: Posted 12 December 2023
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost FIRP DipRP, CEO

​During the course of the year we register and interview many candidates looking to change job to enhance their careers.

We at AP Group (AP Executive, AP Personnel and AP Technical divisions) are listing the top 5 reasons that job seekers advise us they are looking for in a new employer in order to make that all important crucial career move.


Excellent salary and benefits are what job seekers appear to value most, when revealing to us the reason they wish to change job. We have noticed candidates are looking for stability with the current economic climate which relates to mortgage rate rises, cost of living and general quality of life for themselves and if they have families.

2.Work and Personal Life

Job seekers still value employers’ support to ensure they can enjoy a healthy work / life balance. The Covid pandemic created the opportunity to be able to work hybrid or from home. It also got employees thinking about their priorities and importance in their lives. As a result candidates still continue to prioritize their hours of work to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing is in check. It is important to ensure that during interview the potential employer discusses and provides to the interviewee what their organisation values and how it supports its staff.


Flexible working hours is also an important factor and when and where the new employee will be able to work from. Most candidates we interview really want remote working opportunities, even during probation period if possible. Remote or hybrid work is still a working trend, however we have noticed some employers looking to reign in the remote and prefer the hybrid of 3 days in office / 2 days working from home. This hybrid trend is still interesting to job seekers. Only a small minority of candidates we interview opt to want to work full-time in an office, or at least to have an option to work from home.


Job seekers are still learning on the job and want to enhance their CVs – which of course is a good thing. We always encourage candidates never to stop professional learning as you never know when the next economic downturn may happen. So it’s important employees need to be at the top of their game and be competitive job seekers when the job market turns in favour of an employer’s one.


We still see job seekers looking for a new role, reasons being due to their current employers not being able to enhance their career path with promotional opportunities. If a candidate has been working in the same role for 3 to 5 years and for the same employer without any change in their job circumstances then they may become bored and frustrated. There are always candidates who have reached their ceiling in their career so happy to continue in the same job for the rest of their career – however for the majority we interview they want career advancement or to know that their current employer recognises their potential and to promote them when possible.

We hope the above recruiting trends have given some interesting insights into the 2023 job market.

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