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Our 2021 New Year’s Resolution

  • Publish Date: Posted 14 January 2021
  • Author: AP Group

​For 2021, AP Group will continue to invest and further grow our staff numbers so we can continue to remain at the forefront for recruitment business in the island.  Ensuring employee growth by training and development is key to empowering our staff to achieve the career goals we have set for them.  It’s important we continue to nurture our relations with clients and candidates so they can continue to trust and rely on us as their first choice for staff needs and jobs.
We continue to be more of a ‘greener and energy saving’ office by ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint further and recycle and energy save on everything we possible can that doesn’t breathe or move!  From this year I want to implement a new incentive to encourage our staff to volunteer two or three days during the year helping and supporting a charity or a local community project they are passionate about. This year it’s all about helping each other and remaining to be a strong team of talented recruiters who are motivated to succeed.  Our work motto is the same one each year which is ‘Failure is not an option’.