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Preparing yourself for final interview

  • Publish Date: Posted 08 December 2020
  • Author: AP Group

​We all dream of getting that perfect job. You have done your research and mentally prepared yourself for the interview. You attend the first interview and are sure it went well. The job is literally in your hands, then they ask you to attend one final interview.

Don’t get nervous or doubt yourself. Making it through to this stage is a positive and that a job offer is in your sights. 

The purpose of a final interview is to ask you further questions, with the client having whittled down the competition to a shortlist of the best candidates. Congratulate yourself, you did well to get to this point and to impress the interviewer. When a company is hiring new staff or replacing someone who is leaving it is an expensive and important process. So final interviews are important to ensure it doesn’t turn out to be a costly mistake for any employer. Cultural fit is an important factor, hiring new staff they need to be able to fit in with the business and staff so they will stay in the job for a while and not jump ship.

In final interview you have to accept it maybe just to meet the team and more knowledge of the office set-up. Some companies prefer to hold a formal last interview which can be conducted by senior staff of the company. Be sure to show your gratitude for being invited back for a final interview and that you are keen to work for them. They may require you to complete a psychometric test which can give a very good insight to a potential employees psyche and work mindset. You may be offered the job immediately during final interview – be prepared for this and if you need time to think about the offer or if you are ready to accept the offer on the spot. Keep a positive, friendly stance, the new employer will be looking for signs that you really want the job by studying your body language. Don’t fidget or slouch and ensure to keep eye contact. Tell them why you are the best person for the job – good luck!