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New era of work

  • Publish Date: Posted 25 November 2020
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

​By Gina Le Prevost FIRP DipRP

The future of employment is positive with Jersey still a safe haven for investors and new businesses. Coronavirus has had a big influence on how businesses and job seekers think and how they now prefer to work. Jersey is still an attractive location for jobs which keeps islanders in a good economy. 

Covid made businesses eradicate many jobs from the office to employees embracing the challenge of working from home. Home working is now becoming a normal requirement. Companies have found staff are able to provide the same amount of work output as previously. We are also dealing more and more with line managers and HR professionals working remotely and being available on their mobiles as opposed to landlines which are becoming defunct.

More companies are requiring IT and digital transformation to assist them to grow and streamline operations and to help the business to further continue to work remotely. This will have positive effects on efficiency and simplify processes to be faster. Online technology has grown massively. This shows how many businesses are adapting to working different hours and shifts due to technology. The traditional hours of 9 till 5 will no longer be the norm, some clients are already offering flexible working conditions to their staff.

E-learning from home has been a necessity for a lot of students. It is predicted top universities will have full courses available for online study by 2030. A massive financial saving for parents and graduates hopefully remaining on the island to fulfil their careers.  Jersey has previously struggled to hire local available graduates.

I recall around 10 years ago Bill Gates, a founder of Microsoft predicting that we will all eventually become an unsociable society and normal work patterns like 9 till 5 will change with workers choosing their hours of work around the clock, 7 days a week. I think that time may have arrived.
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